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Apple has started surveying select users in a bid to learn more about how they interact with their iPhone models. With the latest survey, the Cupertino-based tech giant is asking whether iPhone users are satisfied with the Face ID and if they use the charging cable that comes with every iPhone model. Although several companies conduct timely surveys about services and other developments, it does not particularly indicate at its arrival. However, in the case of Apple, the company surveyed users about the power adapter ahead of the iPhone 12’s official announcement, therefore, the latest survey can be linked to the next iPhone series (iPhone 13?) or any other Apple product. Earlier this year, the company had announced that would stop shipping USB power adapter with several products including iPhone 12 smartphones (after removing EarPods from the box). Apple had said that by limiting power adapters inside the packaging, the company would make a huge impact on preserving the environment.

According to the survey questions sent to an iPhone 12 Pro Max user in Portugal (via 9to5Mac), Apple inquires whether users are satisfied with Face ID. If the answer is no, there are some alternatives to share details with Apple. Some of the responses include security or privacy concerns, I do not like having to pick up my phone to use Face ID, slow performance, it does not detect my face in all situations (such as low light, different angles, lying down, wearing sunglasses), I prefer TouchID, not reliable, and Others. Although it does not indicate the revival of TouchID on the next iPhone 13 (name unconfirmed), it is interesting to note that the company introduced the side-mounted Touch ID sensor with the iPad Air (2020) this year. While the Face ID works quite efficiently on the iPhone 12 series, some users still prefer having an additional Touch ID on the device for faster responses.

Coming to the charging cable, the survey also brings a question about which items included in the iPhone 12 box consumers actually use. This includes Apple stickers, the SIM ejection tool, and of course, the USB-C Lightning cable. Apple earlier used to ship two Apple stickers which have been reduced to one or none for some devices. While the ejection tool appears to be crucial (until Apple turns the iPhone into an e-SIM phone), the USB-C Lightning cable may likely be the next candidate on being removed. As mentioned, the company may not bring these changes at all, but only time will tell.